Sunday, September 23, 2012

justdamnedpunk episode 114

Episode 114 for your listening pleasure…

Download directly here: episode #114

Needed to get back into my Kiwi roots and remember the good old days of going out, getting pissed in a smokey dive on K’rd or up at the Gluepot.. so there is a fair bit of my youth mixed up in the middle part of todays podcast…

For those who were there or those who know just how fucken good New Zealand music is.. I’m sure you will enjoy!!!

Charged GBH - Race Against Time
From the album: Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne
Major Accident - Middle Class Entertainment
From the album: Massacred Melodies and A Clockwork Legion
Angelic Upstarts - Police Oppression
From the album: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Infa Riot - Still Out Of Order
Infa Riot - Kids Of The Eighties
From the Still Out Of Order ep
Toy Love (NZ) – Sheep
From the album: Cuts Vol 1
Instigators (NZ) - Hope She's Alright
From the Hope She's Alright ep
The Gordons (NZ)  - Spik And Span
From the album: 1981 - The Gordons
This Kind of Punishment (NZ)  -  Immigration Song
From the album: This Kind of Punishment
Childrens Hour (NZ)  - Caroline's Dream
From the album: Flesh
Snapper (NZ)  - Death and Weirdness in the Surfin
From the Snapper ep
Casualty (NZ)  – Challenge
From the album: Challenge
Sticky Filth (NZ)  - Weep Woman Weep
From the album: Dig You Up
The Warners (NZ)  - Fight
The Warners (NZ)  - Hit & Run
The Warners (NZ)  - Speed Trap
From the album: Hit & Run
Spud (NZ)  – Motorway
From the album: Sour
Shihad (NZ) - Home Again
From the album: Shihad
Iron Witch – Jailhouse
From the album: Single Malt
Dopethrone - Storm Reefer
From the album: III
Integrity - Seven Sermones Ad Mortuos
From the album: Seasons In The Size Of Days
Ringworm - Life's Blood
From the album: The Venomous Grand Design
Incendiary – Survival
From the Incendiary / Xibalba Split
Xibalba – Burn
From the album: Hasta La Muerte

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