Saturday, August 18, 2012

justdamnedpunk episode 113

A bumper podcast for you tonight.

Cheers Newell from City of Vain for the awesome album: American Nightmare. Stonking good Punk Rock!! Check out their facebook here: City of Vain

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On with the show:

Phobia - Loud Proud and Punk as Fuck
From the album: Cruel
Pantera - The Art Of Shredding
From the album: Cowboys from Hell
Leeway - Soft Way Out
From the album: Desperate Measures
Antidote - Real Deal
From the album: Thou Shalt Not Kill
Tripple Threat - Another Issue
From the album: Into the Darkness
0The Mob - N.Y. Slam
From the album: Upset the System
Warkrime - Old Punks
From the album: Get Loose
Hordes – Anvil
From the album: Abarognosis
Hordes - Ravaging Fire
From the album: Abarognosis
Wolfbrigade - Feed the Flames
From the album: Damned
Nasum - Multinational Murderers Network
From the album: Human 2.0
Our ep of the week is the Magrudergrind/Sanity’s Dawn split ep
Magrudergrind - A Reaction with a Steak Knife
Magrudergrind - Casa Blanca Detonation
1Magrudergrind - The 2nd Wave
Magrudergrind - Facist Found Hung
Sanity's Dawn - Kill You
Sanity's Dawn - Suicide
Sanity's Dawn - Hate
Battletruck - Smash the Scene
From the album: Born to Kill
The Dead Walk - The Calling
From the album: We Prowl the Streets
Michael Crafter - Just a song about Ping Pong
From the album: D.Y or Die
Marching Orders - Weekend Hooligans
From the album: Dead End Street
City Of Vain - Bastard Jack
From the album: American Nightmare
The Business - Smash the Discos
From the album: The Complete Singles Collection
Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device
From the album: Inflammable Material
Slapshot - Lip Service
From the album: Old Tyme Hardcore
Burden - One In The Same
From the album: If You Don't Stand For Something, You'll Fall For Anything
Cursed - Nineteen Seventy Four
From the album: One
Oathbreaker - Fate Is Nigh
From the album: Mælstrøm
Phobia - Got the Fear
From the album: Remnants of Filth
Aborted -  Ophiolatry on a Hemocite Platter
From the album: Strychnine.213
Aborted - The Sanctification of Refornication
From The Haematobic EP
Eric Dolphy - The Prophet
From the album: Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot Vol 1

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