Monday, October 27, 2008

justdamnedpunk episode 87

Episode 87 for your listening pleasure…

So much going on that the podcast has had to take a bit of a back seat. But i'm back and ready to roll!! Enjoy.

Download directly here: episode 87

  1. Fuck I'm Dead - Colon Commando
    From the album: Bring On The Dead
  2. Agents Of Abhorrence - Shock Treatment
    From the album: Earth.Water.Sun
  3. Terrorust - Hunting Humans
    From the album: Post Mortal Archives
  4. Blood Duster - Better Start A Seed Bank
    From the album: Lyden Na Disk 2
  5. Pig Destroyer - Carrion Fairy
    From the album: Terrifyer
    The above bands played on Friday night, great gig. Grinding madness!
  6. Agent Orange – Breakdown
    From the album: Living In Darkness
  7. T.O.S.L - Die For Me
    From the album: Dance With Me
  8. D.I. - O.C. Life
    From the album: Ancient Artifacts
  9. Flipper - Shed No Tears
    From the album: Generic Flipper
  10. The Stranglers - Goodbye Toulouse
    From the album: Rattus Norvegicus
  11. Public Image Limited - Annalisa
    From the album: Public Image Limited
  12. Benumb - Path of the Righteous
    From the Benumb & Pig Destroyer Split
  13. Infest - The Game
    From the Infest Discography album
  14. No Comment – Distant
    From the album: Downsided
  15. Deep Wound - Lou's Anxiety Song
    From the album: Almost Complete
  16. Cut The Shit - No Way Out
    From the album: Harmed And Dangerous
  17. Deathreat - Controlled
    From the album: Consider it War
  18. World Burns To Death - Come and see
    From the album: The Graveyard Of Utopia
  19. GZA/Genius - 1112
    From the album: Beneath The Surface

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