Wednesday, December 07, 2011

justdamnedpunk episode 107

Ok, lets see if I can get this thing going again.. I’ve been inspired by Jason @ We Gotta Know Podcast ( check it out!!

So, I’ll try to upload at least every 2 weeks.

Episode 107 for your listening pleasure…

Download directly here: episode #107

ON - Generations
From the album: Double Vision
Better Than A Thousand - Self Worth
From the Self Worth ep
Trial - For The Kids
From the album: Through the Darkest Days
Leeway - Be Loud
From the album: Born To Expire
Bad Brains - Love is the Answer
From the album: Rise
Fugazi - Sieve-Fisted Find
From the album: Repeater
Beastie Boys - Gratitude
From the album: Check Your Head

And our ep of the week:
The fantastic Snapper ep

Snapper - Buddy
Snapper - Cause of You
Snapper - Death and Weirdness in the Surfing Zone
Snapper - Hang On
A very cool band from Dunedin in New Zealand for more info

Ill Blood - Answer The Call
From the album: No Warning
Jaws - I Did This All Myself
From the album: Slow Motion Suicide
50 Lions - Life Expires
From the album: Where Life Expires
General Surgery - Cadaverine Treatment Regimen
From the album: Left Hand Pathology
Haemorrhage - Flesh-Devouring Pandemia
From the album: Hospital Carnage
Exhumed - I Rot Within
From the album: All Guts, No Glory
Mortician - Eaten Alive By Maggots
From the album: Hacked Up For Barbecue
Limp Wrist - Punk Ass Queers
From the Limp Wrist Discography
Limp Wrist - Botherhood
From the Limp Wrist Discography
Henry Rollins - The Gay Thing
From the album: Think Tank Disc 1
OFF! - Poison City
From the album: The First 4 eps

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