Wednesday, February 22, 2012

justdamnedpunk episode 109

Here we go - episode one hundred and niner!!

Download directly here: episode #109

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Toe to Toe - Drowning Not Waiting

From the album: Arturo Gatti

Confession - I Created This Horror

From the album: The Long Way Home

Fuck Im Dead - Army Of Hermaphrodites

From the album: Bring On The Dead

Converge - Reap What You Sow

From the album: Axe to Fall

Earth Crisis - Against The Current

From the album: To The Death

108 - Bibles Plus Guns Equal The American Dream

From the album: A New Beat From A Dead Heart

All Pigs Must Die – Sacrosanct

From the album: God Is War

Ruiner - Dead Weight

From the album: Hell Is Empty

Touche Amore - Face Ghost

From the album: Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me

Break Even - The Truth

From the album: The Bright Side

The Members - Solitary Confinement

From the album: At The Chelsea Nightclub

The Clash - Hate & War

From the album: The Clash

The Vibrators – Dragnet

From the album: The Independent Punk Singles Collection

U.K. Subs – Warhead

From the album: Recorded 1979-1981

Our ep of the week is the classic: State of Alert: No Policy EP

SOA - Lost in Space

SOA - Draw Blank

SOA - Girl Problems

SOA – Blackout

SOA - Gate Crashers

SOA - Warzone

SOA - Riot

SOA - Gang Fight

SOA - Public Defender

SOA - Gonna Have To Fight

AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You've Got It)

From the album: Highway To Hell

Knife Fight – Hypocrite

From the compilation album: Out Of Print 2002 – 2004

Seige – Starvation

From the album: Drop Dead

Charles Bronson – Silenced

From the album: Complete Discocrappy Disc 1

Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)

From the album: Ken Burns's Jazz: The Story Of American Music (Disc 2)

Friday, February 03, 2012

justdamnedpunk episode 108

woohoo, managed to finally get another episode up!! Sorry for the delay, my computer took a dive and its taken me a while to revive the sucker!! Camping with the fam and my boy sammy's starting school. So anyway - enjoy the music!!

Download directly here: episode #108

Fucked Up - Dance Of Death

Fucked Up – Zezozose

From the ep: Dance Of Death

Fucked Up - Invisible Leader

From the album: Hidden World

Fucked Up - Black Albino Bones

From the album: The Chemistry of Common Life

Fucked Up - A Slanted Tone

From the album: David Comes To Life

Fucked Up - The Other Shoe

From the album: David Comes To Life

Weekend Nachos - Jock Powerviolence

From the album: Worthless

Nasum - Illogic

From the album: Helvete

Rotten Sound - Hollow

From the album: Cursed

Brutal Truth - Killing Planet Earth

From the album: End Time

Disfear - Fiery Father

From the album: Live the Storm

Thou - Voices in the Wilderness

From the album: Summit

Brotherhood of Sleep - Afterlife Unearthed

From the album: Dark As Light

Our ep of the week:

Cut Throat - Another Day

Cut Throat - Stand Up

Cut Throat - Fallacy

Cut Throat - By My Side

One Way System - Gutterboy

From the album: All Systems Go

Chaos UK - Fashion Change

From the album: Chaos UK

The Exploited - Army Life

From the album: Punks Not Dead

Abrasive Wheels – Juvenile

From the album: The Punk Singles Collection

The Saints - One Way Street

From the album: I’m Stranded

Toy Love - Photographs of Naked Ladies

From the album: Cuts CD2

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